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What is YK-11?

We already know that SARMS offer the same opportunity for muscle growth as anabolic steroids minus the detrimental side effects. YK-11 is now being touted as the strongest SARM of all, giving anabolic steroids a true run for their money with regards to the results it can produce. It is becoming increasingly popular and has had a lot of positive reviews from the bodybuilding community. It allows people to build muscle quickly and safely.

Side Effects

SARMS are really popular amongst bodybuilders due to the amazing results they can offer without the side effects of traditional steroids. The impact is selective, so it only affects the muscle and bone rather than other organs which can be negatively impacted as a result of steroid use. YK-11 has limited androgenic side effects. It is one of the newest SARMS on the market and research is ongoing but currently there is no reason to be concerned about negative side effects with YK-11.

How does it work?

YK-11 has a similar chemical structure to that of steroids but is actually classified as a SARM so is in fact an androgen receptor. As with other SARMS, YK-11 binds to the androgen receptor and selectively encourages the muscle cells to make anabolic factors that increase the growth of the muscle. YK-11 comes without the negative side effects of traditional steroids, which is a huge benefit. Although YK-11 and testosterone are chemically similar, YK-11 only impacts upon specific cells whilst testosterone is indiscriminate in its impact. Excess testosterone can lead to prostate growth, sleeping problems, skin disorders and even strokes, all of which are undesirable and avoidable by using a SARM instead.

YK-11 also works to encourage the cells in muscles to produce more follistatin which is a myostatin antagonist. Myostatin reduces muscle cell growth so the process of inhibiting it by producing increased follistatin results in greater muscle mass.


YK-11 is a very powerful tool in muscle building. It inhibits myostatin to increase muscle growth and offers the same sort of results as anabolic steroids but without the side effects. Highly recommended for quick and safe muscle gain.

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