About Us

Established in 2011, we are proud to say that we have worked hard to become the most established nootropic supplier in Europe. We like to think that this is because we are dedicated to our success and place a huge emphasis on the satisfaction of our clients, meaning that customers come back to us time and time again, knowing that they will receive a high-quality product and a speedy delivery service. We are based in Europe and distribute from various European warehouses to clients around the world.

We know – and love - nootropics

We also believe that our success is down to the fact that we are passionate about our product. We have spent the past decade learning as much as we can about the most successful nootropic supplements available. We have spent a lot of time studying scientific research to find out everything there is to know about nootropics. We have also spent large amounts of time chatting to our customers and finding out what they like and what works for them. This enables us to understand what works best for different people, and enables us to sell products that we know our customers are happy with.

Why do we love nootropics so much?

Nootropics are smart drugs. We love the fact that they have an ability to make us smarter. There are numerous cognitive benefits that individuals can get from nootropics. We also love the fact that nootropics can benefit anyone from students, through to chief executives and even athletes. Whoever you may be, and whatever you’re looking for, there is a nootropic drug that will work for you. Whether you are seeking to improve your focus, suffer from a limited attention span, want to enhance your memory, seek greater motivation at work or want more motivation to ‘work out’ we are sure to have a nootropic that can help.

  • They can make you happier thanks to the fact that they reduce anxiety.
  • They make you feel more awake by reducing feelings of fatigue thanks to increased blood flow to the brain.
  • They enable more creative reasoning, which can be really handy at work.
  • They can even reduce and reverse the aging of our brain by allowing new neural pathways to form.
  • They have hardly any side effects!

Who can benefit from nootropics?

The short answer is, anyone! Whilst we aren't all the same, and different types of nootropics will benefit different people, almost everyone can benefit from taking a nootropic when they find the right stack. Enabling your brain to work at a higher level is a fantastic benefit if it helps you to perform better at work, retain more information in the lecture theatre, increase your memory in an exam or focus your mind in the gym.


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