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Gastrodin is a natural phenol, is an active component of tall gastrodia tuber (a plant of the Orchid.....

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What is Gastrodin?

For thousands of years Chinese doctors have used gastrodin, a natural phenol and an active component that can be isolated from the tall gastrodia tuber (a plant of the Orchidaceae family). Gastrodin is mainly used as a protective supplement against accelerated brain aging due to external environment factors, such as stress, irregular blood flow, excess glucose or on patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

How does Gastrodin work?

Gastodin can unreveal the brain self-healing and regenerative powers that lie deep within the brain. It does so by increasing GABA levels. Brain cells modulate different neurotransmitters to excite or calm the brain. When the brain is resting or calm, it uses a neurotransmitter called GABA. A proper balance between rest and therefore healing and regeneration, and ongoing increased cellular activity ensures the future health of the brain.

Gastrodin helps to restore the vital balance of neurotransmitters which are mainly responsible for memory and learning. Thus supplementation of Gastrodin in a stressful and overly active environment can help to prevent Alzheimer and Dementia disorder.

Effects of Gastrodin

Gastrodin is widely used in the treatment of dizziness, paralysis, epilepsy, stroke and dementia, and has a neuroprotective effect. It has shown to improve the elasticity of large- and medium-sized artery walls which increases blood supply, calms, hypnotizes, relieves pain, and imparts resistance to convulsions [1]. Gastrodin was reported to improve cognitive dysfunction and decrease oxidative stress in vascular dementia rats induced by chronic ischemia [2].

Studies on Gastrodin

Studies show that gastrodin increases levels of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA by 34%, which results in a calming effect on the brain and counteracts the overactive brain activity.

Side-Effects of Gastrodin

At present, there are no reported side-effects on Gastrodin.


Recommendations vary, however most sources suggest 200mg-400mg Gastodin per day.

Interesting fact

Gastrodin is a constituent in a nutrient cocktail consumed by some retired NFL players, to recover from brain damage.


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