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Centrophenoxine is a cholinergic compound with a DMAE. Commonly studied on elderly in conjunction wi.....

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Centrophenoxine is a nootropic medication offering fantastic supplementation of choline. Many people.....

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Administration of Noopept results in increased levels of NGF (nerve growth factor), which is a prote.....

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What is Centrophenoxine?

Centrophenoxine is one of oldest known nootropic supplement, commonly used for treating dementia and Alzheimer’s disorder. It is chemically derived from the natural supplement Di-Methyl Amino Ethanol (DMAE) as its ester, and is also named as Meclofenoxate or Lucidril. The drug is capable of crossing blood-brain barrier more effectively than DMAE itself. Sharing most of the properties and benefits with DMAE, centrophenoxine is actually its enhanced version.

Effects of Centrophenoxine

Centrophenoxine possesses neuro-protective capabilities as it is a strong anti-oxidant. Brain cells are actually made up of unsaturated fatty acids and are prone to deoxidized from free radicals. The free radicals are produced as a result of multiple processes occurring in the brain and there are very little antioxidants to protect brain cells from these free radicals. Being a strong anti-oxidant, centrophenoxine helps in maintaining brain health. Moreover, it can prevent cell death in emergency conditions like hypoxia, dementia, stroke etc. So in addition to brain energizer, it is also sold as neuro-protector especially for patients with mental disorders. The supplement can also be helpful in combating drug abuse symptoms.

How does Centrophenoxine work?

Centrophenoxine is one of very few agents known for inhibiting the buildup of aging pigments in brain, liver, lungs and skin. So its users can prevent themselves from age-related mental decline. The drug also possesses the capability of producing acetylcholine, even in more quantities than its parent drug DMAE. Acetylcholine is a prime neurotransmitter that is involved in neuro-communication. So centrophenoxine can help you increase memory, learning and attention. Centrophenoxine gives off phospholipids on its break-down. Phospholipids are component of the nerve cell membrane, and constitute 30% of the brain cells. This way, the drug is claimed to possess neuro-cell repair capabilities. There is a long list of chemicals stimulated by centrophenoxine which help in improving mood, boosting memory, increasing cognitive as well as physical performance, and maintaining skin health [1].

Centrophenoxine is commonly used as a choline source, along with other nootropic drugs. That’s the reason you may see most of people stack it with racetams for synergic effects.

Side-Effects of Centrophenoxine

The drug is considered generally safe. Mild side effects include nausea, lightheadedness, insomnia, motion sickness, hypertension etc. Moreover using a higher dose can result in severe problems like jaw clenching.

Recommended Dosage / Usage Instructions

Centrophenoxine is lipid-soluble, and is available in powder or tablets. Usually doses less than 500 mg/day are recommended, depending on age, medical conditions and needs. Younger and healthy people may need a lower dose. A physician should be visited for recommendation on dosage according to one’s own status. In case of any side effects, as described below, one should immediately quite the drug and re-visit the physician.


It has been recommended after few clinical studies that child-bearing women should not administer the drug as it can result in birth defects. Further, patients of high blood pressure, epilepsy etc. as well as those on any medication should never take the medicine without a specialist’s decision. In fact, at least a physician should be consulted before deciding to take centrophenoxine like any other drug.


[1] - Enhancement of recovery from psychiatric illness by methylfolate - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1974941


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