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Adrafinil, once marketed under the name Olmifon is an agent to promote alertness, attention, wakeful.....

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Adrafinil Powder

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Adrafinil, once marketed under the name Olmifon is an agent to promote alertness, attention, wakeful.....

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Blend #6, AKA Gold in a Bottle, contains Nootropics Adrafinil, Noopept, Vinpocetine and Centrophenox.....

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What is Adrafinil?

Adrafinil is known to be a stimulant to increase alertness and wakefulness in persons suffering narcolepsy or daytime sleep. It was formerly known under the name Olmifon until 2011. Adrafinil is synthetically produced and a known prodrug of Modafinil. Supplementation of Adrafinil will therefore lead to increased concentrations of Modafinil in the body. The presence of increased Modrafinil in the body can improve cognitive functions, memory and reduces the need to sleep [1].  This combination of both nootropics makes each one a strong and potent supplement, popular amongst many.

Effects of Adrafinil

The two known main effects of Adrafinil are alertness, wakefulness and vigilance [2]. In more detailed words it leads to increased energy levels, attention and stamina. Logically, these properties increase motivation and resulting general productivity. Some report that this constant state of mind will result in improved cognitive benefits such as productive learning phases and improved memory. Amongst other neurotransmitters or hormones such as hypocretin, which is linked to wakefulness, dopamine is interesting as it is directly responsible for how we regulate mood. Adrafinil inhibits the breakdown of dopamine and therefore should lead to a positive mood and a reduction in stress.

Possible Side-Effects

Most common reported side effects are nausea, diarrhea, anxiety and restlessness. Less common to rare side-effects are hallucinations.

Recommended Dosage

The standard dosage for Adrafinil is between 600 and 1200mg. For the purpose of treating narcolepsy, the dosage was twice daily 600mg, once in the morning upon waking and once at midday. Taking Adrafinil in the afternoon and evening should be avoided because it can disturb sleep. As no long term studies exist on Adrafinil’s effects on the liver, it is not recommended to take Adrafinil longer than a maximum of five months.


People suffering increased heart rate, heart disease or any kind of heart related issues, should consult a doctor before administering Adrafinil.


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