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PRL-8-53 Capsules 5mg

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PRL-8-53 is a synthetic Nootropic supplement. A study on humans with a word recollection test has sh.....

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What is PRL-8-53?

PRL-8-53 is a spasmolytic and CNS active agent, synthetically produced nootropic supplement created it a laboratory. Men and women above 30 often start to experience a decline in memory capacity, especially in short-term memory. PRL-8-53 is aimed to counter these early occurring side-effects of aging. Compared to other nootropics that have many different enhancing properties, PRL-8-53 seems to have one outstanding nootropic value when it is able to acutely improve short-term memory recall to an extent that not many other supplements can reach. This effect however, is not as prominent in high performing intellectuals.

How does PRL-8-53 work?

The exact mechanism of action of PRL-8-53 still remains unknown to the public. The reason for this is believed to be the protection of intellectual property of the patent holder.

However, its memory enhancing capabilities have shown to be increased by ingesting around two to three hours prior to taking the test. PRL-8-53 causes slight improvement of acquisition. Retention of verbal information was found to be improved to a statistically significant degree [1].

Effects of PRL-8-53

The main strength of PRL-8-53 is its ability to enhance learning and memory capabilities. Tests have shown that participants taking PRL-8-53 and placebo, prior to taking a memory recollection test, had doubled their scores on the word test they had taken. The lone study in humans conducted by the patent holder has suggested relatively large increases in short term memory with a single dose of PRL-8-53 [1]. PRL-8-53 has produced a cholinergic response in the experimental animal. Choline plays an important role in reducing the risk of neural tube defects, fatty liver disease, and other pathologies but is almost non-existent in the human diet. The compound potentiates dopamine and causes partial inhibition of serotonin (Hansl, 1973, 1974b). A compound with this profile might be expected to cause a favorable shift of the balance of CNS transmitter systems, thereby improving intellectual functioning [2].

Studies on PRL-8-53

Based on very limited evidence, it seems that PRL-8-53 has a fairly large therapeutic threshold, but comprehensive toxicity studies in humans and rodents, while looking at biochemical parameters, have not yet been undertaken.

Recommended Dosage / Usage Instructions

Recommendations vary, however most sources suggest up to 5mg of PRL-8-53 per day. No clinical studies exist on taking higher dosages. For beginners in the nootropics world, it is best to begin with smaller doses and to gradually increase dosage until personal optimum is reached.

Side-Effects of PRL-8-53

In a signle human study, no side-effects were observed and thus PRL-8-53 is considered generally safe. However, when taken dosages higher than recommended, common side-effects arising from nootropics may occur including headache, nausea, dizziness, inner ear pressure.


When higher doses are ingested it is not advised to operate heavy machinery or drive as motoric functions can be suppressed.


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