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Pramiracetam - or pram as it is known - is one of the most potent racetams available. It considered .....

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Pramiracetam - or pram as it is known - is one of the most potent racetams available. It considered .....

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Pramiracetam Powder

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Pramiracetam - or pram as it is known - is one of the most potent racetams available. It considered .....

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What is Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam is a highly potent nootropic drug which is primarily derived from the piracetam, a famous nootropic drug of the racetam family. The drug was introduced in late 1970s in Belgium and United States. The potency of the drug is considered 10 to 30 times greater than the piracetam itself as well as other racetams.

The drug differs from the piracetam in its structure, which makes it fat-soluble. Most of the racetams are water-soluble, whereas only few are reported as fat-soluble. The pramiracetam is unique from other fat-soluble racetams (e.g. aniracetam) in terms of its high potency. The property of being fat-soluble makes the pramiracetam capable of crossing the cell membrane which is a lipid (fatty acids or their derivatives) bi-layer. This way, the drug gets into the brain overcoming the blood-brain barrier, which is a natural protection to brain from entrance of harmful chemicals through blood.

How does Pramiracetam work?

Pramiracetam is known to act directly on hippocampus, a part of the human brain playing role in emotions, memory, and consciousness during involuntary actions. The drug actually enhances the rate of uptake of choline to the hippocampus. The choline is known as a nutritional supplement for development of brain (or specifically hippocampus, the memory center). Consequently, pramiracetam is reported to enhance the memory, perception and attention as well as to treat the mental diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s disorder. In general, pramiracetam is thought to increase the overall brain health for short and long term memory storage.

Effects of Pramiracetam

The efficacy of the drug for a specific person depends on a number of parameters, including lifestyle, current cognitive capability and the need for improvement. A recommended dosage also depends on these factors, and one should consult a physician for better recommendation. As the drug is considered to be highly potent, small doses are usually prescribed by physician. Moreover, the users are advised to take choline-rich foods to have better efficacy of the drug. Few examples of choline-rich foods include eggs, chicken, beef, vegetable oils etc. In addition, users are recommended to take more water to keep themselves hydrated.

Side-Effects of Pramiracetam

Despite of being highly potent, pramiracetam is considered safe for humans at low dosages. In a case study for Alzheimer patients, headache was reported by few patients. For high dosages, most probable side effects include dizziness, drowsiness and decrease in appetite. No adverse side effects are reported for healthy people, who are taking pramiracetam only for cognitive benefits. For a specific person, appearance of side effects while using pramiracetam are not predictable. However, if one consumes higher dosages, or doesn’t follow the physician instructions, the side effects are more prone to appear. For example, lack of water can cause headache, burning sensation in chest as well as lack of energy and enthusiasm (lethargy).


It is usually recommended that pregnant and lactating women as well as people with renal (kidney) disorders should not take this drug. One should consult a qualified physician for using the drug, whether taking it on its own, or in combination with other drugs or supplements.


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