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Vincamine Capsules 30mg

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Vincamine is a nootropic which works as a vasodilator, widening and smoothing blood vessels and incr.....

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What is Vincamine?

Vincamine is a natural nootropic product that is derived from the periwinkle plant. It works as a vasodilator and widens the peripheral blood vessels. This includes the network of brain blood vessels. The effect of this is that oxygen and blood flow supply to the brain is increased. The impact of this is that users feel more mentally alert and have greater clarity of thought.

Side effects

There are very few side effects to taking vincamine, but as with all medications and supplements, some people do experience minor problems. The most common side effect with vincamine is gastrointestinal irritation. If this continues you are advised to stop taking it.

How does it work

Vincamine works by increasing blood flow to the brain by widening and smoothing the walls of the blood vessels. This dilation means that extra oxygen can find its way to the brain resulting in better clarity of thought and cognitive ability. Glucose also finds its way more easily and quickly to the brain which works to speed up processing within the brain.


Overall vincamine improves the function of the brain. It can also be used in specific conditions such as Meniere's disease and vertigo. For individuals who suffer symptoms such as sleeping problems, hearing problems and mood changes, vincamine can help due to the improvement in brain activity. It is also being touted as a possible remedy for Alzheimer's disease as it improves cognitive ability.

Vincamine enables users to improve their concentration and memory. They become more able to problem solve and appear to experience a greater sense of well-being.

Another great advantage of vincamine is that it has a specific effect on a part of the brain which processes panic, stress and physiological response. As we age, this area of the brain goes into decline and becomes less effective. This means that our ability to plan and think strategically is weaker. Vincamine encourages these neurons to become more effective and delays the age-related decline.

For those who require this focus and sharp cognitive ability in order to undertake tasks that require a clear and sharp mind, vincamine is a fantastic supplementary addition to their daily routine.


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