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Uridine Powder UMP

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Uridine is reported to be an effective but less-known nootropic, used for cognition enhancement and .....

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Uridine is reported to be an effective but less-known nootropic, used for cognition enhancement and .....

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What is Uridine?

Uridine is reported to be an effective but less-known nootropic, used for cognition enhancement and mood improvement. One who has studied biology in school may recall that uridine is named among the four building blocks of ribonucleic acid (RNA); an important protein processer. Linking the two concepts, we deduce that uridine supplements act as precursors for RNA by helping to supply sufficient RNA to the central nervous system.

How does Uridine work?

Uridine is produced by the human liver. Some natural foods are also reported to contain uridine. These include sugarcane extract, oats, beer, yeast, mushrooms, breast milk, broccoli, liver and pancreas offal etc. Consuming these foods does not increase the blood uridine level significantly. However, uridine supplements can. These supplements are usually administered orally and absorbed within the gastrointestinal tract and liver.

With the help of certain neuro-transporters, Uridine can effectively cross the blood-brain barrier to enter the brain. Upon entering the brain, uridine produces certain chemicals and neuro-transmitters which help in regulating brain functions i.e. mood, learning, adaptation, motivation etc. It is also assumed by some investigators that uridine can have better results in overcoming depression and anxiety.

Effects of Uridine

It has been reported to have drastic benefits when combined with fish oil, choline-rich nutrients as well as other nootropics. Synapsis are the connections between neurons and the brain, responsible for storing information. Their development decreases with age. Uridine supplements can help in neuro-synaptic formation and functioning, which in turn can improve memory. This effect can also show improvements in patients with mild stage of Alzheimer disease and other dementia disorders.

Intake of uridine as well as any other nootropic drug requires sufficient nutrient supply to enable the brain to work hard. So combining vitamin supplements with nootropics can help to balance nutrient sufficiency.

Studies on Uridine

There are several challenges associated with the uridine. Though many studies about testing on rats can be found, studies for its effect on humans have yet to be done. The bioavailability of uridine within blood, after ingestion of uridine supplements, is questionable. Moreover, some researchers have warned that, due to production of harmful chemicals, ingestion of uridine can cause uncomfortable side effects like arthritis. Therefore it is not recommended to administer Uridine without proper consultation of a physician.

Recommended Dosage / Usage Instructions

Recommendations vary, however most sources suggest 500-1,000mg per day.

Side-Effects of Uridine

Common reported side effects are similar to other nootropic drugs including headache, nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and stomach distress etc. The risk of side effects are elevated with higher dosages or regular use of uridine supplements.


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