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What is SR-9009?

SR-9009 is a miracle in a pill. Trials showed an increase in metabolic rate and muscle without any exercise at all. If you are exercising whilst taking SR-9009, it will improve your speed and stamina, a winning combination. Overall, this SARM can improve your metabolism and enhance your endurance to enable you to become leaner, more easily.

Side Effects:

SR-9009 allows you to build muscle and lose fat without the side effects experienced when using a thyroid accelerator, appetite suppressant or fat burning supplement. It isn't known to be hepa toxic and does not suppress the body's levels of natural testosterone. Despite the fact that there have not been any clinical trials on humans, early signs are that SR-9009 is as harmless as the other supplements in the SARM family.

How does it work?

SR-9009 binds to a molecule which occurs naturally in the body called Rev-Erba. This molecule is responsible for producing cells which store fat and the metabolism of glucose and lipids in the liver. SR-9009 encourages the activation of Rev-Erba which increases metabolic activity in muscle, which meant that in mice, the test subjects were able to increase their capacity for running even when exercise has been restricted for a period.


SR-9009 has been referred to as ‘exercise in a bottle’ because weight loss is achieved without any cardio workout. When tested on mice, SR-9009 was found to increase the metabolic rate and athletic muscle of the creatures over a period of a month, even though their movement was restricted.

This development of muscle allowed the body to burn calories instead of storing them as fat which lead to weight loss. All without exercise.

Once the mice were allowed to exercise again their endurance increased by 50%. They ran faster and further than before after taking SR-9009 for 30 days. The muscles they had developed resembled those of an athlete in training due to increased glucose oxidation in the muscles.

SR-9009 also appears to reduce blood cholesterol, decrease inflammation, be beneficial for sleep disorders, reduce heart disease and help with anxiety conditions.

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