Hydrafinil (Fluorenol)

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Hydrafinil is a powerful nootropic alternative to modafinil. Studies have shown it to be up to four .....

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What is Hydrafinil

Hydrafinil, also known as fluorenol, is a powerful nootropic supplement. It has been shown in studies to be four times more effective than modafinil (a nootropic and anti-narcolepsy drug). Although Hydrafinil has a shorter half-life, you can take more as necessary. It belongs to the eugeroics class of drugs which lead to wakefulness and improved alertness. This supplement achieves this alertness without the associated bodily effects that can be experienced with other stimulants.

Side effects

There have not been many studies on Hydrafinil yet. As far as we are aware there is no risk of toxicity to humans and it is not carcinogenic but be sure to buy a trusted product in order to feel confident about its quality.

How does it work?

Eugeroics or nootropics work by increasing wakefulness and alertness, although the side effects are less disruptive than other stimulants. They work by activating the neurotransmitter which controls alertness, memory and learning.


The benefits of Hydrafinil are that it is an affordable supplement compared to modafinil and others, it is not addictive and there are no signs of toxicity to humans. This makes it a positive alternative to other nootropics. Hydrafinil has also been shown to improve short term memory and enable individuals to process information more effectively and increase attention to detail. It can also have a beneficial impact on logical thinking and can reduce impulsivity.

People using Hydrafinil have reported that their mood has been enhanced and so it can also be used as an antidepressant as it is more serotonergic then other nootropics.

Some nootropics offer powerful stimulation to induce wakefulness and alertness. However not everybody requires the same stimulation. Hydrafinil is more subtle than other nootropics and therefore less likely to cause the side effects such as jitters and tension. As it is less powerful, there is less risk of addiction. It is a cleaner stimulant experience. Despite the fact that it's stimulant effect is milder, it appears to have a greater ability to increase alertness for longer periods of time.


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