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Guarana is an active ingredient from the seeds of an Amazonian fruit. Whilst it can be found in drin.....

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What is Gurana?

Guarana was discovered in the 17th century and over the decades its health properties have become more widely recognised. Guarana is an active ingredient taken from the seeds of an Amazonian fruit which these days can be found in drinks, capsules and even chewing gum. The most popular way to consume guarana is in energy drinks or supplement form. The active ingredient in Guarana is caffeine, which is known to enhance performance, aid weight loss, improve mental performance and increase energy levels.  Accessing caffeine via a guarana supplement offers greater stimulation than a standard cup of coffee. Used before a workout you can increase your stamina and burn more fat.

Side Effects

Guarana is considered safe when used sensibly by healthy individuals. Those with cardiovascular problems, kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, anxiety and those who are pregnant should use guarana with more caution, as should those who are particularly caffeine sensitive. Even high doses or prolonged usage of guarana do not appear to show any signs of toxicity according to studies.

How does it work?

Caffeine is the key to guarana’s success. Guarana contains more caffeine than tea or coffee and as such has a fantastic stimulant effect. The seeds contain large amounts of caffeine, although the exact amount differs in each fruit and each product. Therefore, taking a supplement that guarantees 20% caffeine enables you to control your dose and access a high enough concentration to maximise the benefits. This high concentration of caffeine impacts upon your norepinephrine and epinephrine release and limits the central adenosine receptors.


Caffeine is known to help you overcome fatigue, increase your muscle strength and increase endurance. It also allows us to burn more calories while resting due to metabolism boost caused by increased levels of adrenaline.

Guarana is known to boost the sex drive, reduce lipids in the blood, offer antioxidant protection. It is antimicrobial, anti-carcinogenic and improves your mental agility and cognition.

Clinical trials of guarana have shown that humans achieve a much greater average weight loss compared to a placebo. Studies also showed that guarana reduced body fat significantly more than a placebo. The higher the level of caffeine in the guarana the greater the effect.


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